The purpose of the Consortium For the Advancement of Remote Sensing is to reduce cost of wind energy by better de-risking wind energy projects of new generation (higher hub heights, larger rotors). The consortium will act as a federated industry facilitator supporting acceptance of Remote Sensing (RS) during “pre-construction” wind resource assessment phases. This will be achieved by joining members’ resources in order to support the different groups working towards broader acceptance and standardization of the use of Remote Sensing (IEC, IEA or others). The consortium may also initiate some targeted projects in collaboration with independent parties to address pressing questions regarding the use of Remote Sensing. Compelling results will be communication to various stakeholders in the wind energy value chain: technology providers, developers, operators, independent engineers, banks and other financial stakeholders.


  • Increase acceptance of Remote Sensing Device (RSD) by sharing information and involving the broad industry
  • Reduce project development costs by supporting/enabling standardization and acceptance of RSD
  • Reduce uncertainty of pre-construction estimates by demonstrating and leveraging the value of RSD


  • Significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the wind industry by 2021 through broader acceptance/validation of RSD


Open, Collaborative, Results Driven & Leaership

2021 Horizon

2021 Horizon


  • For any inquiries on joining the Consortium for Advancement of Remote Sensing please contact Philippe Coulombe-Pontbriand (TransAlta). Philippe is one of the creators of CFARS. He manages and organizes all meetings and content, as well as the global outreach initiative.