The Consortium for the Advancement of Remote Sensing

Science Working Group - Leader: Alexandra St.Pé (RWE)

  • Empower the wind energy industry to achieve data-driven answers to persistent RSD use hurdles
  • Leverage open source science and tools to build consensus and establish Best Practice Frameworks for Stakeholder collaboration

Flow Correction - Leader: Scott Wylie (ZX)

  • Provide data-driven validation of methods used to correct RSD measurements in Complex Flow.
  • Demonstrate typical flow curvature bias based on terrain complexity and roughness, and create a standardized correction methods.

Site Suitability - Leader: Alexandra Arnsten (NRG)

  • Develop tools and standard methodologies for correcting RSD Turbulence Intensity biases when compared to anemometers and RSD’s.

Power Curve Correction - Leader: Peter Stuart (RES)

  • Formerly the Power Curve Working Group
  • Improve the modeling of turbine performance in real world wind conditions.

Power Curve Testing - Leader: Dan Bernadett (UL)

Guidance Working Group - Leader: Andrew Hastings Black (Vaisala)

  • Socialize existing Standards and Best Practices to the broad industry: investors, IEs, OEMs, and developers
  • Clearly identify areas of improvement for acceptance of RSD via surveys and outreach
  • Recommend areas for improvements RSD method improvement to Science Working Groups
  • Amplify findings from Science Group via open-source documents and publications; drive consensus on new Best Practices